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Light Of The Moon Publishing Releases G.W. Mullins Folklore Hardback Book “Star People, Sky Gods and Other Tales of the Native American Indians”

Press Release: July 22, 2017

G.W. Mullins, author of the Best-Selling series “The Native American Story Book For Children Volumes 1 -5” and “Walking With Spirits Volumes 1-6” returns with the hardback release “Star People, Sky Gods and Other Tales of the Native American Indians.” Light Of The Moon Publishing has released this new book which features stories of the Native Americans and Star People with original art by award winning artist C.L. Hause. Contained in 168 pages, it is a huge collection of Native American history.

In Native American history, there are many legends about UFOs, gods and aliens. There has always been a connection between Native Americans and beings from other parts of the universe, referred to as Star People. Through the many legends and tribes you can find instances where natives are either rescued or helped by gods or Star Beings. One Lakota legend tells of seven maidens who are pursued by a bear. Just as they are about to be killed, they fall to their knees and pray for intervention. Just as the bear charges, they are lifted high into the air, and the bear is left to claw at the risen ground. The basis of this story is Devil's Tower in Wyoming. The seven maidens became the Pleiades, and the bear's claws are said to have carved the geological features of the rock.

Many prominent stories tell of the interbreeding with gods and star people and how their offspring must learn to interact and exist with the tribes. In many cases they are raised in a way that they are trained to bring a message or medicine to help the people. In some cases as Poïa, they learn of a way to help their people through rituals such as the Sun-dance which cured illness and spread prosperity through the tribe.

Regardless of the tribe or the whether the interaction is through a god or star people, there is proof that the ancient people of North America believed they have been visited by unexplainable beings from the heavens. The stories in this collection tell of many different tribes and their experiences and the outcome of walking with these beings.

The stories in this collection include: The Story of Poïa, The Legend of Star Boy (Origin of the Sun-dance), Star Maiden, Origin of the Sweat Lodge (A Second Story of Scarface), How the Milky Way Came To Be, The Snake with the Big Feet, The Origin of the Pleiades and the Pine
Falling-Star, The Story of the Land of Northern Lights, The Hunting of the Great Bear, How the Great Chiefs Made the Moon and the Sun, Tale of Coyote Regulates Life After Death, They That Chase After the Bear and many others.

For further information, on his writing visit G.W. Mullins' web site at http://gwmullins.wixsite.com/officialsite/tales-of-native-americans. For information on the art of C.L. Hause visit his web site at http://clarencehause.wix.com/homepage. Books by G.W. Mullins are available from Amazon.com, Kobo, Google Book Store, Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble and other retailers worldwide.

G.W. Mullins is a Native American of Cherokee decent. He has been a published author for several years releasing several titles that are based in Paranormal novels, and in Native American history and folklore. He recently released the first two books in his From The Dead Of Night Series, the best-selling novels Daniel Is Waiting, and Daniel Returns which are available on Amazon.com, Kindle, Kobo, Google Book Store, iBooks, Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble, Nook and other book sellers worldwide.

C.L. Hause is an award winning artist who possesses a Master Of Fine Arts Degree specializing in painting and drawing. He was the winner of the 2013 Johnny Hart Memorial Award as well of several others. He has always been inspired by nature, primitive and Native American design.

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