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Life with the 21 year old star FireVerse

Press Release: September 29, 2020

FireVerse is an international Jamaican recording artist who have gained recognition with his single such as Near The Moon , Today is not yesterday and Flayvah , as the dancehall artist merge on the act with Nigerian songstress imanse with the remix of Ajela by imanse , the dancehall star said that he's love for afro music just begon and that he's going to work hard as an rock and solid as the earth to maintain his new flavour for his African fans, this draw fans attention In Jamaica and fans are saying that he should not sell out his genre for next a genre and that he's melodic flow don't fits afro music.

FireVerse Also announced new upcoming album call Fresh Sauce From Jamaica Vol.1 with featured dancehall artist Alkhemy,  the album features around 8 tracks.

The artist also announced on his Instagram page @fireversemusic that he's releasing a new single as well titled in love with Reshena leave fans wondering if the artist is in love with Reshena.

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