Press Release: December 16, 2018

Today, Ayse Durmush - Life Transformation Expert shared her expert advice on how to use meditation in a novel way to increase business profits. In under 24 hours, that post has been viewed over 212 times significantly higher than other posts on site. It’s clearly getting a lot of attention and is a modern twist on using an old solution.

Ayse Durmush - Life Transformation Expert and author explains “There’s always loads of advice about how and why you should meditate but nothing that focuses on how to use meditation in a practical way to solve a business problem.

The post featured in the internationally acclaimed and popular female lifestyle and business focused site www.soarcollective.com and is among a wealth of advice around business and lifestyle.

Ayse has coached many businesses privately both within NatWest and as a consultant in her own business. During this time she realized that one reason so many business owners struggle with problem-solving is overwhelm, and getting caught in thought-loop cycles.

In fact, she used to struggle herself with thought-loop cycles herself but since learning the art of meditation soon realized just how simple it is to break these cycles and find answers to business problems.

“I have used meditation myself frequently in my own business, it really is so simple and effective and I really wanted to share this. I find so many people over complicate their meditation and there really is no need to.” says Ayse Durmush

Key bullets:

- We have 50,000-60,000 thoughts a day and when stressed we get caught in thought-loop cycles
- Meditation taps into the subconscious and releases these cycles
-You can ask a business question in a simple 5-minute meditation and the answers will come
-Ayse recommends daily meditation to increase problem-solving

Evidence on the benefits on the brain when meditating are backed by research from Harvard University.

About Ayse Durmush
Ayse Durmush is a journalist and host of the nationally-syndicated radio show SourceLife Show that airs across 15 radio stations in the US. The show focuses on mind, body, spirit, personal growth and business development. Ayse is an ex-senior digital marketer for brands like Virgin Media, Samsung, o2 & Royal Bank of Scotland but became paralyzed with chronic fatigue in 2015. Determined to fix her health she embarked on a worldwide journey that transformed her entire life. She now teaches others how to live their ultimate lives through her writing and her show.

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