Press Release: August 24, 2016

Dubai is one of the largest states in UAE. Many good points are known of this city rather than negative ones. Dubai is an economical hub for the people who are job seekers and keep on searching jobs in UAE Dubai jobs. People from all around the globe eagerly desire to have job in Dubai for several reasons like tax free income, good earning, luxurious lifestyle, god scenery and decent work culture. Dubai is a state where an expat can own even a property. The case is not like this in other gulf state. People from other gulf states cannot at all own a property. They just have to live on rent till their whole stay in that country. This is the reason for which Dubai is called a progressive and liberal state.
 Kinds of jobs in Dubai:
In other gulf countries, oil is the primary industry especially in Kuwait. There are different kinds of promising jobs for expats in Dubai like gas and oil, tourism, construction, financial services and many other related industries like that.
 Salary with other related benefits:
Expats from all around the world love to have a job in this city for its tax free income and high salaries. Dubai is a state that offers the highest salaries than all other gulf states. A supply chain is working in the field of oil and gas. An engineer can earn at least AED 75,000 per month. Moreover the packages of salaries are settles after reading the experience letter of the employee. UAE classifieds write whole rule and regulations in their ad of job.
 Cost to live in Dubai:
There is no doubt Dubai is one of the best places and countries to live in but it can be expensive to stay over there. If you get a bedroom with two beds in it, you have to pay at least AED 9,000 rent of a furnished room. If you get an unfurnished bedroom with single bed, you will have to pay at least AED 7,000 per month.
 Transport facilities:
Transportation is also expensive in Dubai. If you can afford, you must have buy a car because petrol and other kinds of maintenance of the cars are cheaper than other states.
 Education in Dubai for expats:
Education is also available here for expats. They need to be admitted in private wards of government school. But they have to pay high amount in return of it.
These were some of the points that are in favor of expats when they come here to settle down.
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