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“Life in Ten Chapters” by Stewart Scott is published

Press Release: April 04, 2020

 ISBN #979-8629828433

“Life in Ten Chapters” by Stewart Scott is published

An exceptional collection of inter-related stories


About the Book:

This series of stories address everyday issues sympathetically and with excellent character development whilst depicting people which many readers will identify with as the storylines are creatively and skillfully intertwined. This eclectic collection of stories expresses all of the human emotions of the characters with great sensitivity and with pathos.


About the Author:

Stewart Scott, the author of this short story collection, published A Bridge and Not an End earlier this year which is a family saga spanning a number of generations and over many decades and takes the reader across time, oceans and continents in the context of important historical events.  Traditional values of love, courage, passion and hardship are all explored in this skillfully-written blend of family narratives.


Excerpt from the Book:

“My mum turned from the sink, shaking her head sadly. “Son, I’m sorry, I was going to tell you tonight over dinner. Poor Johnny.” Tears welling in her eyes. “He wasn’t doing so well, I’d see his mum from time to time and she was worried. He’d quit his job, he was drinking heavily and she thinks he was taking drugs. I was going to tell you, but I don’t hear from you for weeks at a time these days.”

She couldn’t resist slipping that in, a constant refrain these days. “They found him a week ago. They’d gone out to lunch, a couple of weeks ago and came home to find him hanging from the bannisters by an electrical cord. I’m sorry I had to tell you. His mum wanted me to tell you, because you were his best friend and she knows he would have wanted you to carry his coffin – you were always there for him. I’m sorry, Son.”

I just stared at her, reached up and pulled the antlers off my head, watched them fall to the wooden floor, saw her anguish at my shock and pain. Undeserving.

Too late. Too little. I’d carry his coffin, like the fraud I was, but my tears would be genuine.”


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