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Life changing release from Walkees

Press Release: October 21, 2020

   Essential needs in life. How to get and to keep them.

When people talk about what is important in life, there are many answers, although one mention will come up with most: a good health. In this, what I call, motivation novel, health will be one subject, most other wishes will pass through too.

This book will be light to read, and catching anecdotes and phrases from the author, enlighten the theories, mentioned in the book.

What makes a person happy in and with his life? We cannot answer that question with a general answer because everyone has his own wishes, dreams, and priorities. Also, where, and the way we grow up, can have an enormous influence on how our life will develop from the moment we enter this world. Nothing is just straightforward and there are many obstacles in everyone’s life to first detect and acknowledge, before dealing with these obstacles.

This is going to be a book, written by someone who traveled the world and worked and socialized with all levels of the society.

Out of all the subjects, solutions, advice, and facts to know, and all recommendations, you will pick the ones suited for you.

  Unity and respect are an important ingredient for a stable and fulfilling life. Balance in and between life and work is another. Read this book, and pick what you feel, will do you good. The rest is up to you! This is going to be a book with simple language and a simple message:

‘Be positive and never give up, you can do it!'

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