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LG BD 390 reviews published by Televisions.com

Press Release: February 01, 2010

February 1, 2010 - The online reviews platform Televisions.com has reviewed LG's BD 390, a Blu-ray and DVD player released in summer 2009. The review combines laboratory measurements with subjective picture- and sound-quality analysis to derive an overall rating of 8.9 out of 10 points for the device. The review praises many aspects of the BD 390's performance - low power consumption, multimedia capabilities, and accurate Blu-ray playback - but highlights errors in its DVD de-interlacing. Nevertheless, praise also goes to the extensive connectivity and quiet operation; altogether, the device receives a very positive write-up from the Televisions.com reviewers. The site's editor-in-chief, Florian Friedrich, said: "The BD 390 is a superb device that really can do everything: It delivers a first-class, extremely sharp, and colour-optimised Blu-ray picture, as well as YouTube videos and other multimedia treats."

The reviewer expressed delight at the player's extensive video-adjustment options, some of which they claim are a first in Blu-ray players. Further praise goes to the design of the LG's remote control, and especially to the flap concealing rarely used buttons. There's criticism for the slight de-interlacing errors in 1080i material; otherwise, the reviewer cannot find fault with the LG's BD playback. But while the 1080i errors are seen as a small hiccup, the review describes the DVD de-interlacing as a genuine weakness. Nevertheless, the overall verdict for DVDs is positive, with the reviewer simply remarking that other players perform better. Televisions.com also applauds the BD 390's versatile audio outputs. And although the reviewer recommends outputting audio digitally, praise goes to player for providing analogue audio signals for older AV receivers. One reviewer said: "With the BD 390, LG has produced a truly excellent Blu-ray player that caters to various users' needs. Although we highlighted small errors in de-interlacing, both DVDs and Blu-rays play back excellently, earning the player a solid thumbs-up."

More information can be viewed at: http://www.televisions.com/player-news/BD-390-New-Blu-ray-player-from-LG.php

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