Press Release: August 08, 2019

Celebrating a Decade of Content Excellence!

26th July, 2019, Mumbai: It is a pleasure to share that LexiConn Content Services Pvt. Ltd. has completed 10 years of providing quality content excellence. We have built services from scratch, experimented endlessly and today, the company has 1500+ satisfied clients across 20 countries, completing several projects across various domains offering a staggering array of 35+ writing services.

To commemorate this remarkable milestone, a grandiose, Lex Day celebration was meticulously organized at Sai Palace Hotel which was attended by several clients, employees, family members, and other well-wishers. Simultaneously, a celebration also took place at our office in Kolkata.

The event was an endeavour to showcase the talent of our in-house professional writers, the customized services offered and upcoming projects of the company. It began with a few words by Mr. Khamir Purohit, the Founder, and CEO, who believes, "The future of content writing is humanizing it. The crux is to learn the Art of Storytelling that a person can relate to. Hence, it is significant for everyone to #BeYourStory, which is the main theme of this celebration that traces back to the inception of LexiConn from a single person company to 75+ employees today."

The event also presented us with an opportunity to exhibit our credentials and achievements. We provided a glimpse into the groundbreaking work being done by the company through a few testimonials by our clients, employees and other stakeholders of LexiConn. Our clientele from diversified leading sectors like banking & finance, e-commerce, OTT platforms expressed a few words on their long-term association and faith in LexiConn.

We also highlighted an addition to our existing services which was the launch of interactive audio fiction, a form of narrative storytelling wherein the listener's choices dictate the course of the story, making one feel in control of their destiny. This is a significant step for LexiConn and can translate into an accelerated growth and greater opportunities for innovation and success. Another crucial part was the inauguration of our new initiative "Humans of LexiConn" which is a compilation of the life stories of the Lexiconnians that are worth reading, empowering our vision of #BeYourStory.

This event brings a wave of optimism for LexiConn and is an indication of the abundance of opportunities that lie in the near future for the company. With over a decade of content excellence, LexiConn has and always will strive for matching your content requirements with the domain expertise of our writers, rendering you the quality that matters the most!

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