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Let's Fight COVID - Indian Company Innovate Contactless Elevator Button Panel – “Sparshless”

Press Release: June 12, 2020

Indian Company Named Techmax Solution Innovate Contactless Elevator/Lift Panel to Reduce Spread of COVID-19.

Company Named This Product as "Sparshless".

Basically, Sparshless is Touchless Lift Panel, In which no one need to touch lift panel button Inside or Outside.

Product is fully Designed, Developed and Manufactured at India. 

Why Need of Touchless Elevator - Lift?

There are elevators at each multistory apartments, commercial complex, hospitals, malls, etc.

Also there are many people using elevators regularly.

So, if there is any covid-19 infected person use elevator then there is huge chance of spreading virus.

Right now, many people using sticks, vehicle keys, lighters, etc. But now there is no need to use this stuff, because Sparshless is at your service.

There is no doubt in Future of Touchless Technology.

As per Research,

There are 3500 Bacteria Per Square Inch On Lift Button

Lift Button Has 17 Times Greater Bacteria Then Toilet Seat

And In current Scenario of COVID-19, There is huge chances that someone get infected because of using Elevator Buttons.



How It Works?

Outside Unit Install nearby Current Outside Elevator Unit, you just need to put hand below Unit and Lift Comes.

Sparshless Inside Panel Install nearby Current Inside Elevator Panel, you just need to point your finger from distance of 15-20 mm.

Also, your Current Elevator Panel's works same time, Sparshless don't disturb current Panel, you can still use your old panel by touching it.

Benefits Of Using Sparshless

  • Touch-free Elevator Operations.
  • Less chances to get infected by use of elevator buttons
  • Affordable


  • Compatible with any Brand any Elevator
  • Most Accurate Operations
  • Most Cheapest in Market

Product Varients

There are Total 4 products in Sparshless Catalogue

For inside panel there are varients of

  • 14 Button Touchless Lift Panel,
  • 8 Button Touchelss Lift Panel
  • 4 Button Touchless Lift Panel

For outside there is one unit, through that you can call elevator-lift without touching it.

Do You Want to See Demonstration?

Please visit Below Link:

Video Link: https://youtu.be/R-T38obrawU

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Bhavin Ahir

Tel: +91-9898430643

Email: info@techmax.co.in

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