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Let Peak Leisure Vehicles conduct your very own Bargain Hunt!

Press Release: April 19, 2010

Founded in 2006 by local entrepreneurs Claire and Steve Parsons, the business has thrived though sourcing the best used vehicles for customers and the success of the formula has seen the companys growth continue, with much new business arriving from repeat custom from clients who were so happy the first time around that they have returned to ask Peak Leisure Vehicles to help them again, which has led to the development of this new nationwide vehicle search service.

Any stigma once associated with buying used vehicles has all but disappeared, as people come to appreciate the advantages a pre-owned vehicle can bring. No VAT is payable on used vehicles, which are generally very low mileage, and because the bulk of the depreciation has been suffered by the unfortunate first buyer, the savings to be made on new can be considerable.

Where possible, we always try to buy off the first owner, said Peak Leisure Vehicles director Steve Parsons, in this way we are always sourcing the very best vehicles and at the very lowest prices, which we can then pass onto our customers.

In practice, this can mean savings of between ten and twenty thousand pounds on a new vehicle. This is bad news for the original owner, who is often shocked by the reduction in value! Most of this loss is taken up by VAT, because once motorhomes reach a certain age, they do not decrease much in value. Paradoxically, this makes them a sound investment a real bargain if you buy a used vehicle from the start.

The smart move is always to by used and this is particularly true with motor homes, continued Steve. The original owners can be stunned by just how much their new motorhome depreciated the moment they drove out of the showroom, but customers who drive a used vehicle out of our showroom are often pleasantly surprised to find their vehicle has not lost much by the time they wish to replace it. On average, they will only loose between two and three thousand per year, depending on what you do with them of course!

Motorhomes are on the move like never before, as people of all ages are now discovering the benefits of being a motorhome owner. Traditionally associated just with the retired couple cashing in on their pension funds, this old stereotype is giving way as increasing numbers of younger couples and families discover the cost advantages, convenience and freedom that a motor home can provide.

With prices from as little as £8,000, Peak Leisure Vehicles have attracted not just enthusiasts, but a new generation of purchaser, who have seen that a motor home can be a real bargain and not just for the rich and need not cost the earth. This increased demand now has Steve cris-crossing the country in search of the right motorhomes for a growing, yet still discerning customer base.

Many customers looking at used vehicles for the first time always voice reliability concerns and many people have had bad experiences with car warranties not offering the level of coverage they would expect. This has led Peak Leisure Vehicles to offer customers their own warranty. We source our vehicles so carefully, that maintenance issues rarely arise, but in the cases where they have, we found some warranty providers doing anything they could to wriggle out of helping our customers, and we found this unacceptable continued Steve. Since we source our own vehicles, we felt confident in offering our own comprehensive warranty, which has not surprisingly proved very popular.

Steves next motorhome hunt is taking him up to Scotland and across the country to Bristol, so he is putting the miles in this year already! Its true to say I put a fair few miles in, laughed Steve. But if you are determined to purchase the best, then you have to go where you can find them.

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