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Let Live Classes Guide the Way for NEET Students

Press Release: October 07, 2020

There are more than 27 million COVID 19 cases in the world right now and the current situation is indeed life-threatening. Seems like there is no end to this tragedy as cases are increasing by the thousands day by day. Keeping the situation in mind, the famous Edtechcompany, Extramarks has launched a new program called the School@Home initiative to assist students study from the comfort of their home and continue their preparation for tough entrance exams like NEET.
Extramarks has launched two types of courses for NEET aspirants under the School@home program. There is a foundation course and there is a long term one and, in both courses,,students can enroll for a specific period of time and study via live classes in addition to other amenities. When the lockdown began, parents had shown their concern regarding their child’s studies as in absence of live classes, they would have been hampered but owing to the different courses and programs like School@Home, students have been getting complete assistance in their education much to the relief of parents. 
The foundation as well as the long-term course provides curriculum mapped learning (as per NEET syllabus) and also offers access to the learning app for the content of the chosen class. There are also live and recorded classes provided by expert Extramarks faculty along with insightful homework and worksheets to let students working on their progress. There is also adaptive testing that enable students to learn at their own pace without any hindrances and intelligent insights to help students find out more about their gap areas.
The foundation course provides comprehensive live classes taught by the expert Extramarks faculty, insightful worksheets, homework and tests to assist students, help them practice. There is also mentoring and tutoring available with interactive and visual learning modules.
The foundation course is available in only English while the long-term course is available in both in English and Hindi. The NEET program also has National Level Weekly Tests, complete access to NEET Test prep app, doubt resolution sessions, and in-depth insights to help students find more about their performance. 

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