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Lespoke Launches Their New Jewellery Box In The United Kingdom

Press Release: December 05, 2020

Lespoke Launches Their New Jewellery Box In The United Kingdom

Fashion and luxury lifestyle brand, Lespoke, announces the launch of their patented innovative jewellery box for jewellery lovers across the United Kingdom

Lespoke has again reiterated their goal of delivering exceptional experiences to customers with the recent launch of an amazing jewellery box that offers prestige without sacrificing its functionality. The patented innovative jewellery boxis designed to meet the needs of jewellery lovers while offering a fantastic masterpiece that will serve as a collector’s item.

The global jewellery market has grown over the years, with the UK being a major contributor to the growth. Several brands have emerged across the supply chain to deliver products to meet the diverse needs of customers. While owning a jewellery piece remains a thing of joy, it is even more critical to ensure the safety of the item. Unfortunately, many of the available jewellery boxes are rather too generic, offering little or no addition to their primary function of safekeeping the item. However, Lespokeis taking the game a notch higher with the launch of their jewellery box.

The Lespoke jewellery box offers users amazing features that stand it out from other products in the market. The box has an LCD screen activated with a magnetised switch, attaching memories to their gift forever, with such features as a built-in 1GB storage.

Remembrance keepsakes offers an innovative new way of presenting luxury jewellery gifts to loved ones, giving the customer the ability to attach a customised video with music or picture reel inside the jewellery remembrance boxes. The boxes deliver a completely unique experience to every customer whilst attaching memories to their selected jewellery gifts also enhancing sentimental value. The user-friendly box offers a basic plug and play feature that allows people to view the videos and pictures as well as listen to the music from their computers.

The innovative box offers a touch of luxury and prestige while guaranteeing the safety of the jewellery. The product can also serve as gift boxes and is designed to accommodate different types of jewellery pieces, including rings and other cherished jewellery items. 

Lespoke, in their tradition, offers the best of craftsmanship with the box, a feature that has helped the brand grow in leaps and bounds since their official launch in 2019. The box is currently available in the UK market and will soon be launched in the United States and other parts of the world.

For more information about the new innovative jewellery box and other products from Lespoke, please visit - https://lespoke.shop.

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Lespoke was founded in 2019 as a London-based online wholesaler that specialises in the distribution and wholesale of fashion and luxury lifestyle products from the world’s most desired designs. The brand offers a wide range of the most popular styles of fashion accessories and high-end luxury items, including watch winders, safes, and furniture.


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