Press Release: January 29, 2010

The Symbiotic program will advance the companys growth strategy by allowing direct resellers and solutions partners (companies who are not related to the web industry such as Accountants) to leverage their offshore centre based in India to reduce their costs whilst generating an incremental revenue stream. Lemon Interactive will work closely with Symbiotic partner companies to customise value-added solutions that significantly reduce the cost of delivery of services such as web development and Search Engine Optimisation services.

Paul Sagoo, Director of Operations at Lemon Group (parent company of Lemon Interactive) explained more, There is a strong case for partnering with Lemon Interactive through Symbiotic. Currently there are many agencies out there that have a large UK or US workforce and are being placed under significant pressure from their clients to reduce costs. This pressure is ultimately coming from companies based in Eastern Europe and other emerging markets. The issue is however, that setting up an offshore facility is not easy and neither is choosing an offshore partner to outsource to.

Paul continued, Lemon Interactive have ironed out all of the traditional issues of outsourcing to an emerging market such as poor communication, poor quality of service, delays, escalating project costs and worse still theft of funds. The Symbiotic program is our guarantee that we have eliminated all issues and that we are fundamentally are in this for the long term.

Industry spokesperson Jeff Lorell from the Search Engine Journal said, This new program will certainly enhance the reach and scope of Lemon Interactives value proposition in
an intensely competitive marketplace. The launch of Symbiotic has already resulted in a number of large agencies signing up to it as they look to reduce their internal costs whilst maintaining quality levels. The Symbiotic program demonstrates Lemon Interactives commitment to being the 'go-to' provider for SEO offshoring solutions.

About Lemon Interactive
Lemon Interactive is a global technology services and outsourcing company. Lemon Interactive collaborates with its clients and partners to help them achieve their objectives for the long term. Lemon Interactive are headquartered in the UK with a major development centre in India.
For more information on Symbiotic, please visit www.lemoninteractive.co.uk. Please direct all press enquiries to press@lemoninteractive.com. Lemon Interactive is part of Lemon Group International Ltd (www.lemongroup.com).

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