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LegitChex™ Identity Verification App to Revolutionize Online Safety & Personal Security

Press Release: November 24, 2015

The multi-platform social network that verifies each of its member’s identity will launch in early December.

Founded by Jericho Digos in 2015, LegitChex™ is a social platform that revolutionizes online communication while ensuring secure transactions. Its many features allow for individuals and businesses to communicate in a safe and trustworthy environment.

“Safety is our number one priority and our members have the power to engage in unlimited secure transactions. The smartphone app helps to prevent scams, fraud, harassment and tire kickers who have no intention of meeting,” says Jericho Digos, founder of LegitChex™. “Best of all, we never share a member’s personal information with other members, so they can remain anonymous if they wish.”

Ensuring safe online transactions, the LegitChex™ application is the first of its kind. Some of its core users will be comprised of: online & offline classifieds members, businesses that value personal & client cyber security, and users of dating sites. However due to the wide range of functionality & safety features, the application holds value for everyone.

Becoming Legit: A frictionless consumer experience expediting the registration process and ensuring that customers are who they say they are is at the core of the LegitChex™ application. The user submits a government-issued ID, which is verified & authenticated in a matter of 60 seconds and a LID™ (LegitChex™ ID) is created. The unique LID™ serves as online identification for our members, presenting them as authentic & verified users while eliminating the need to disclose any personal information. The app features real-time chat messaging with other Legit members & a security assist that notifies pre-selected contacts if a user is in danger via SMS & E-mail. The pre-selected contacts are also offered a GPS monitor displaying the position of the user in trouble. These are just some of our core features, we will disclose more during our launch coming soon!

Too often the weakest link in the online safety & cyber security chain is the human element. LegitChex empowers individuals with the power of a digital armor that protects them 24/7.

For more information on the app and its many features visit www.legitchex.com.

"To inspire change, enhance lives, create value and make a difference globally, one person at a time!"

- Jericho Digos, founder, LegitChex™

Vassili Vassiliev
Marketing Director

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