Press Release: May 20, 2020

  • Carefully curated platform of partner companies
  • Focused on enabling client growth
  • Customer experience to get Smoother, Tighter
  • Meant to build a more agile, resilient ecosystem

Ahmedabad, India, May 20, 2020: Legalwiz.in, a leading LegalTech firm in Gujarat today launched their Partner Services Platform – partners.legalwiz.in. The Partner Services initiative is focused on catering to an array of vital business requirements like CRM, web development, customer care, financial services, payment gateways, etc. LegalWiz.in will offer these partner services to 1000s of it’s customers across India to drive synergies and make the customer experience even better.  Started in April 2016 to cater to StartUps & SMEs, Legalwiz.in enables legal, financial, corporate & taxation compliances. Enabled with a robust technology backbone, every step of the process is online to ensure efficiency, transparency and maximum value. LegalWiz.in has partnered with Instamojo, Payoneer, Gridle, Granth, Hire4Higher consulting, Yourseller.in and Syrow and ensures more partners to be added in near term.


Launching the platform, Mr Shrijay Sheth, Founder – Legalwiz.in, said, “At LegalWiz.in, we are focused on delivering value to our customers. We value our relationships with clients – they are our partners in growth. And to reinforce this, we have partnered with category leaders – carefully curated on several vital parameters, customer NPS being the most prominent of all. We understand it takes a lot to successfully scale any business and startups find it difficult to negotiate service terms and pricing with service providers.  The “Partner Services Initiative” is aimed at offering the highest quality of services possible to our clients. This will enable them to avail top notch services at a reasonable and discounted cost, so they can focus on building and growing their business.”  

He further elaborated, “The Covid 19 has severely impacted businesses and StartUps – and it is expected to continue for quite some time. Amidst these trying times, LegalWiz.in is making every effort to continue to offer the same level of customer experience that our clients have always had. The Partner Platform initiative is aimed at bringing together different companies on a single platform is aimed at helping our clients avail best-in-class expertise for a variety of requirements – all at very competitive pricing. We firmly believe that by partnering each other and offering our support, the ecosystem can navigate this crisis better and drive growth. By partnering each other in the respective growth journeys, businesses can build a more resilient, a more agile ecosystem. Collaboration rather than competition is the way forward. We want to create a platform that provides visibility to all our partners that they deserve!”.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Vipin SJ, Manager, Strategic partnerships, Instamojo, said,  “Instamojo will be able to serve SMEs even better by leveraging the partner portal by LegalWiz.in - we will further boost our mission to empower SMEs and help them grow further. The synergies we foresee through this platform are huge and we are committed to provide the best services to SMEs”

Reinforcing these views, Mr Yash Shah, CEO – Gridle, said, “We are really excited to be partnering with Legalwiz.in on this initiative. We believe that building an ecosystem like this is going to offer a quantum leap in value to both their clients and their partners like us. It’s a win-win on all fronts.”


About Legalwiz.in:

Legalwiz.in is a StartUp based at Ahmedabad. Founded by a longtime LegalTech industry veteran Shrijay Sheth. The firm provides professional services as a “simple – affordable – transparent” business model, making it easy to start and manage the businesses in India.


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