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“LEGAL EXPERT” 10 years in the legal field

Press Release: November 29, 2019

How did it start?

Being established in November 2009 Legal Expert is a law firm of experienced professionals, offering comprehensive legal consultancy services to clients and having a high level of services, which accords with the claims of modern companies. "Legal Expert" provides a wide sphere of legal services, which are presented by professional and experienced specialists. The office provides both legal representation in courts and consultation in a vast variety of fields. All the services, in comparison with other offices, are provided in reasonable prices, taking into consideration the social-economic condition of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia. Our experienced lawyers, well aware of the innovations of the legal sphere, make warranties about the quality of their services and suggest professional expertise in legal, economic and financial consultancy services.

Why to choose “Legal Expert”?

Having in mind that being involved in this field presumes having relations with a huge number of corporations, organizations, companies and single individuals, you have to choose a certain approach, which will be successfully implemented in all of the above mentioned cases. So let us go deeper and find out why people choose the “Legal Expert” as their partner and guide in the law field. The firm is composed of experienced professional lawyers who have passed international practices. That enables to provide the decent and efficient quality of the given services. We do think that the key to the success is the continuous self-improvement. Our firm is not limited with what it has already gained, we constantly expands the spheres of our activities, fulfill exchange of experience with foreign experienced professionals and law firms. Whether working on a precedent-setting case or structuring a transaction in a truly original way, our firm endeavors to be innovative in approach and transformational in impact. We also provide permanent and dynamic changes in the wide range of our activities. In every situation there may be not a single, but several different approaches and solutions to a certain problem. That is why we have close relations with law firms both in Eastern Europe and Southern America, also cooperating with law firms in Greece, Russia, Italy and so on. We study and use international experience and approaches to solve legal issues. This also has made us to be a part of the legal networks of top law firms. When the special circumstances tell so, our firm can get a support from Armenian and foreign outstanding experts of the legal sphere.

What services do we provide?

The scope of the service our firm provides is vast, indeed, from criminal law to business consultancy. In the field of criminal law our qualified specialists provide legal services in the following areas: provision of consultancy to the people suspected or accused in violating the criminal legislation (legal representatives); lawyer’s participation in the court sessions; appealing against sentences. Civil law: rent of the real estate, donations, inheritance and mortgage issues; preparation of statements of claims in the courts; the provision of representation in the real estate cadastre, notary offices. Insurance issues: analysis of insurance contracts, legal assessment of insurance risks, provision of legal opinions; legal support of insurance contracts; negotiating with insurance companies; consultation regarding insurance claims; legal representation in disputes related to insurance contracts. Labor law: advising employers or employees on labor law; drawing up employment contracts; resolving the issue of unfair disciplinary action; resolving issues of non-legal provisions contained in an employment contract. The service we may need during all proceedings - legal representation: representation of legal entities at the stage of execution of judicial acts; litigation in courts of general jurisdiction; consideration of cases in administrative courts; appeals / cassation complaints. The full list of the service we provide You can find in the Services section of our website.
For the most fruitful cooperation and results our firm provides several membership packages, which can be found in our website.

What vision do we have and what is or mission?

We work to protect our clients’ interests and rights, providing legal representation in civil or criminal cases, business transactions and other matters in which legal assistance is sought. The basis of our mission is to highly increase the legal consciousness in the society.
That is why, the lawyers of “Legal Expert” have mission to defend the interests of both physical and legal entities.

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