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Leave No Stone Unturned for NEET Test with Extramarks Long Term Course

Press Release: October 21, 2020

NEET is a respectedexam conducted by the NTA.  Many vie for securing admission by getting seats in top colleges via this prestigious entrance exam. But passing NEET and that too with flying colors is not a cakewalk!
A student has to be hardworking, determined, dedicated, disciplined to ace the test. Nonetheless, passing the exam isn’t impossible as there are many solutions preparatory in nature available for students.
The latest in the long line of solutions is the Long-Term Course by Extramarks which students can use to boost their level of preparedness. It is easy to enroll for the course. Students can easily sign up for the course on the NEET Test Prep App. The course offers several facilities and everything that a NEET candidate needs for the ultimate preparation.
Live, recorded classes, doubt resolution and more!
The long-term course comprises daily live classes that are mapped to NEET Syllabus along with several recorded classes so students can learn easily online. Replay, rewind as much you like and view the sessions to better understand the concepts. In addition, there are also CBSE/ICSE live classes that are mapped to your class curriculum. Along with all that, students will also get access to the NEET Test Prep App that has several enticing features to help students prepare for NEET well.
The long-term course is also inclusive of the Extramarks-The Learning App to which students get full access as part of the long term course. The learning app is Extramarks answer for ultimate K-12 preparation. There is plethora of features as there are live classes by top educators along with daily practice papers that students can undertake to check their level of preparedness. The concepts that you learn in classes, you can apply directly in daily test papers to keep practicing.
The best feature is the National Level Weekly Tests that help students compete on national level and earn their ranking. This helps stimulate the real time environment of NEET and helps students practice while they get to know about their gap areas.
The best part is that the course is in English as well as Hindi language so students who speak one or the other language can learn from the course. So sign up now and beat the competition easily!

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