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Learn Through Live Classes Amidst Scare

Press Release: August 07, 2020

The situation is indeed scary and there seems to be no end to this tragedy as cases are mounting day by day. Bearing the situation in mind, the global Edtech leader, Extramarks has launched a new School@Home initiative to help students study from home and keep preparing for competitive exams like NEET.
Extramarks has launched a foundation course along with a long term one that lets students enroll for a specific period of time and learn through live classes among other amenities. The program School@Home under which live classes are provided began at the beginning of lockdown and is still running successfully, much to the relief of parents who are thankful that their children aren’t turning into online games junkies during the lockdown.
The foundation and long-term course comprises curriculum mapped learning (as per NEET syllabus along with chosen class syllabus), live and recorded classes by expert Extramarks faculty, homework and worksheets to keep students on their toes, adaptive testing to help students learn at their pace and intelligent insights to assist students learn about their gap areas and their detailed performance.
The foundation course comes with live classes by expert faculty, worksheets, homework and tests to help students practice, mentoring and tutoring, interactive and visual learning modules, with complete access to the learning app for the chosen class content. The foundation course is in English only while the long-term course is both in English and Hindi. The NEET long term course has live and recorded classes along with National Level Weekly Tests, complete access to NEET Test prep app, complete access to the learning app for the content of the chosen class, live classes by top Extramarks experts for the chosen class, doubt resolution sessions, and in-depth insights on how the student is performing.
As the world has come to a standstill School@Home seems like a fruitful investment on the part Extramarks.


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