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Learn the Art of Polynesian Dance and Become Part of the London School of Hula and 'Ori’s Growing Ohana

Press Release: November 27, 2020

The London School Of Hula And ‘Ori (https://www.lsho.co.uk/) is pleased to offer their Tahitian dance classes to all learners who are eager to gain and embrace an understanding of Polynesian dance movements and culture.

Learn about the relevance of dance in the history, music, language, and storytelling of Polynesian culture, as well as the technicalities and foundations of Polynesian dance.

Most people confuse Polynesian dances, Hula and ‘Ori Tahiti. For this reason, the LSHO aims to teach dancers about their unique identities, their differences and how to perform each of them.

Learning dance isn’t everything the LSHO can offer, but dance is undoubtedly the way they share their message. Through dance, people can learn to connect and reconnect with their bodies better, they learn with a close-knit community of passionate like-minded people. Through dance, people can be ohana or a family.

The LSHO is open to learners of any skill level, age, and passion for dancing. Those who have never tried Tahitian dance before can begin with the Level 1 Foundation Course, where they will gain fundamental knowledge about the history, language, music, and storytelling of these dances and beginto learn the in-depth technical breakdown of the steps. This course is an introductory preparatory class for learners to enter the All Levels classes.

After the learner has developed some proficiency in the basic steps and movements of Tahitian dance through the Foundation Course, they can move onto the Intermediate+ classes as well as more in-depth studies.

However, the experience doesn’t end in learning how to dance. For those looking to take it to the next level, the goal is to be able to dance as part of a showcase at various community and social events, as well as possibly performing and competing on the international stage.

With their in-depth and highly personalised teaching approach, learners are guaranteed to enjoy being a part of this growing community of passionate artists and creatives empowered through art by connecting to the past, being present, and considering the future.

As stated on their website, “We at LSHO believe that the strength of the individual reflects the strength of the community, and the strength of the community reflects the strength of the individual, making self-worth more tangible.

By engaging in the cultural arts and participating in a creative community, we aim to improve harmony with the self, each other, and the world around us”.

To join their growing community and learn more about their bespoke services and learning courses, visit their website at https://www.lsho.co.uk/ today.

About The London School of Hula and ‘Ori

The London School Of Hula And ‘Ori is one of the premier dance schools in the UK, dedicated to teaching Hula and ‘Ori Tahiti and building a community of culturally informed and technically skilled dancers. LSHO instructors, offer classes that are designed to build confidence and help learners discover and connect with their personal strengths. If you are interested in the school’s bespoke services, you can fill out their contact form at https://www.lsho.co.uk/contact. Alternatively, email kailani@lsho.co.uk or aloha@lsho.co.uk or call 02080 580 450.

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