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Learn How You Can Effectively Manage Your Business With I-Thrive

Press Release: August 21, 2016

(Cambridge, Cambridgeshire) — I-Thrive (https://www.i-thrive.co.uk/) presents the course content that their training programme, The Small Business Multiplier, contains. This course aims to help entrepreneurs by providing valuable business advice in a very easy to understand manner.

Currently, The Small Business Multiplier is divided into 20 lessons. The participant can conveniently access these lessons via any device connected to the Internet. The first eight lessons will look into the existing strategies that the participant’s company has through a health check, KPI check, and lead generation techniques. They will then be taught how to convert new leads into sales, engage customers to buy more, reduce company operating costs and create a continuous marketing loop.

Furthermore, there are also classes on giving great first impressions, identifying potential clients, starting a sales conversation, getting customers’ trust, selling for different social styles, and many more. All of these lessons may be accomplished within six months to enable the participant to make better business decisions.

I-Thrive makes learning how to be successful in business easier for everyone. According to them, “In the Small Business Multiplier programme, business owners are taught a unique combination of tools, techniques and skills, to help them create measurable business growth within 6 months.The programme is accessible to anyone and represents a proven step-by-step process. The easily affordable monthly subscription approach brings the programme within the reach of small business owners”.

They offer all interested clients with a free copy of their programme overview. This could be conveniently downloaded on their website, https://www.i-thrive.co.uk/.

About I-Thrive

Headquartered in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,I-Thrive provides essential business advice to entrepreneurs, new and seasoned, alike. They are best known for their training course, The Small Business Multiplier, which has helped countless people in reaching their business goals. Interested parties will find it very convenient to get in touch with I-Thrive. They welcome written messages via snail mail at I-Thrive, Brook House, 129 Town Street, Newton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB22 7PE or via their website’s contact form. To speak to one of their representatives, call 01223 967260. Know more by visiting https://www.i-thrive.co.uk/.

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