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Learn Forex Trade Course With Platinum Trading Academy

Press Release: September 25, 2020

Platinum Trading Academy (https://www.platinumtradingacademy.com/) takes pride in providing clients with a comprehensive Forex trading course and training programme, both in the UK as well as in 17 other countries. With their help, individuals who are interested in trading can easily gain a deeper understanding of the Forex retail market.

Regardless of clients’ experience and background on Forex trading, Platinum Trading Academy can help them with their unique step-by-step mentoring, a definitive in-depth technical analysis programme, and their very own Live Trading Floor. All these will put any learner in the best position to adapt a well-rounded and disciplined approach to trading.

Being the first of its kind, Platinum ensures the most comprehensive approach to learning Forex trading course online. Through the keen guidance of a private virtual Forex mentor, investors of all backgrounds and trading experience will gain a holistic understanding of trading in Forex, stocks, and shares. Moreover, they will learn efficient strategies used by professional financial institutions and hedge funds from all over the world.

Platinum Trading Academy aims to provide retail traders an insight to how institutions trade. By understanding that time frames do not exist in the real market, traders will gain a deeper understanding of what trading in these markets entail, enabling them to reach their fullest potential.

By teaching traders the absolute knowledge and fundamentals of trading, their services are considered different from all other Forex trading tutorials and programmes offered online. Here is what one of their satisfied clients, Simon, has to say: “I am glad to have found Platinum, from the initial consultation with Steven, right through to the sessions with Russell, I have found every minute extremely valuable and profound. This has given me the confidence to trade successfully. Once again, many thanks Russell and PTA”.

For those who want to find out more about the services offered by Platinum Trading Academy, they are offering free 20-minute consultations over the phone, Skype, or in-person. Alternatively, interested parties can visit their official website at https://www.platinumtradingacademy.com/.

About Platinum Trading Academy

Established in 2011, Platinum Trading Academy has gone a long way and has already trained numerous clients, providing them with the highest level of coaching that is unheard of in the world of finance. Whether their clients are experienced or new to trading, their team of expert traders and consultants will provide them with the appropriate training and support that they need to succeed in this field. If you have any questions, you may visit https://www.platinumtradingacademy.com/contact-us/ and fill out their contact form or send them an email at support@platinumtradingacademy.com. You may also call one of their representatives at +44 (0) 207 193 1457 to schedule an introductory session with them.

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