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Press Release: August 13, 2020

Access to Community PHP:

 A PHP course would tell one about the availability as well as accessibility of Community PHP. Apart from that, one would know about the different procedures as well as procedures of community PHP. One could know more about the Community PHP in a PHP course.

What are the steps to install Community PHP?

A PHP course would tell one about the installation of Community PHP.  Here is a brief outline of the steps. They are:

  • The location of the repository

What is a repository?

A PHP course would come to the rescue of beginners who are new to the open source way of delivering software. They would tell one that a repository is simply an indexed location where open source packages are stored as well as can be downloaded and installed. Thus, the first step is to offer a repository in which the PHP packages can be resided.  Moreover, the repository definition files would be located in the /Open Sys/etc./yum/reposed directory. Though, multiple repositories can be defined in a single file, normally there is one repository definition file per repository. Finally, the repository definition can either be created by creating the file by hand or the yum-confer-manager utility can be used to create the repository definition file.



Creation of a repository command:

A PHP course will explain the entire process of a repository command.

  1. The following command will create the repository definition:

Yum-confer-manager --add-repo

  1. The repository definition file that gets created from the above command is:

/Open Sys/etc./yum/reposed/repos.****.com_ ibis php. Repo


  1. The constituents of the repository would be:

[Repos *****.com_ ibis php]

Name =added from: http://repos.*****.com/ibmiphp

Base urn =http://repos.******.com/ibmiphp



  1. When the repository has been defined its availability can be validated with the yum repo list command:Yum repo list
  1. The above command will offer an outline of each repository defined on the system

To conclude, a PHP course would tell one entirely about Community PHP





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