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LeapXpert Expands Offering with Telegram and Signal

Press Release: January 28, 2021

26 January, 2021 – Hong Kong
LeapXpert today announced that its integrations for Telegram and Signal are moving into live beta testing. LeapXpert customers and prospects on the trial will be able to communicate with their customers over Telegram and Signal in additional to WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and SMS.
The team at LeapXpert are constantly monitoring and evaluating market shifts and changes in customer behaviors. This awareness means that the team can anticipate market needs, future shifts and proactively build them into the roadmap. Due to the flexibility and adaptability of the Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform (FMOP) these changes can be made seamlessly, so customers can respond to customer behavior shifts quickly and effortlessly.
Telegram and Signal have seen a recent increase in customer sign ups due to reported changes in the WhatsApp terms and conditions. 
“Our customers’ ability to respond to this significant market shift shows how FMOP enables enterprises to future-proof their conversational solutions,” said Dima Gutzeit, CEO and Founder of LeapXpert. “Our customers are not confined to communicating with their customers over one or two messaging applications, they have real freedom and flexibility to engage with their customers over the application that their customers are using. Even if their preferred application suddenly changes. Our customers and their customers have choice.”
It is expected that Telegram and Signal will be in beta in Q1 and in live production in April 2021.
LeapXpert customers and prospects can opt to be included in the beta trials, available now. Interested enterprises can contact info@leap.expert.
A pioneer in the market, LeapXpert enables enterprises to embrace consumer messaging applications and integrate them to their business-critical applications and processes. Our easy-to-use but technologically sophisticated Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform (FMOP™) is an enterprise conversational solution between Employees and Clients. We empower companies to securely communicate from a central source while allowing customers to use the messaging app of their choice. Our solution allows companies to control communications between employees, suppliers, customers and other interested parties. It resolves the business, compliance and regulatory challenges the rise of messaging applications’ use in business channels has created. 

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