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Leadership Speaking Workshop in Singapore by Kevin Abdulrahman – September 2016

Press Release: February 11, 2016

Leadership workshop to take place in Singapore on Thursday March 3rd from 8am until 2pm. The program features world-renowned author, and leadership speaker Kevin Abdulrahman who will provide leadership strategies that change businesses and profitability immediately!
This Leadership Workshop will give attendees thoughts, tips and proven techniques to ensure immediate results. “The Middle Eastern community is full of potential. Great minds, creative minds, hungry minds," says Kevin Abdulrahman.

Every organization can do better. It's time to share these strategies to enable each individual, idea and team to attain the next level. This event will open up minds, increase opportunities and shift paradigms. The result will be increased productivity, resources better utilized, enhanced bottom line, but most importantly, over time, a positive roll on effect on the community.

When Kevin Abdulrahman speaks, people listen, radical change happens quickly, and the results are long lasting. While Kevin Abdulrahman is of a mixed race origin, he will delivers his leadership workshops in English, peppered with Arabic words and sentences, often catching his attendees off guard with a pleasant delight.

Kevin Abdulrahman also made a note that participants will learn how to find their zone, drive results personally and from their teams, elevate morale, and ensure buy-in of their organizations’ vision. They will also learn how to be effective leaders, ones who are respected, not feared.

About Leadership Speaker in Singapore.
With his books published in 30 languages, Kevin Abdulrahman has delivered over 3000 talks and seminars in 50 plus countries. He conducts high-level consulting assignments with several billion-dollar corporations, and in between is a sought after leadership speaker who speaks on communication, sales, leadership and peak performance.

Kevin Abdulrahman’s web site can be viewed at http://www.themaninspiringmillions.com/motivational-speaker-singapore/ or http://www.kevinspire.com/public-speaking-training-dubai/ -- his books are available everywhere through Amazon and independent bookstores.
Speaking requests should be sent to Sarah, Info@kevinabdulrahman.com

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