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Launch of the website jeanpierrebrustier.fr

Press Release: October 19, 2017

What art lovers were waiting for!
Pressed by his admirers and collectors frustrated not to see his works as easily as they wish, Jean-Pierre BRUSTIER arrives on the Internet in a prestigious site realized by a young and talented team of aesthetes, lovers of art. Thanks to them, the artist's marvelous paintings have found a jewelry box worthy of their splendor.

Jean-Pierre BRUSTIER French painter, born in Toulouse, is self-taught.
From an early age he knew that brushes and pencils would be his mode of expression, revealed to art by an artist uncle, too soon passed away.
He did not choose the academic schools of art, preferring to drink at the source of the great Italian masters, trying since childhood to reproduce their immortal lines.
His youth passed in front of the drawing boards, looking for the perfect curve of a hip, the detail of a knotty hand or the mute expression of fear on a face.
Naturally, this passion for drawing led him to comics, during the teenage.
But soon it was no longer sufficient and the glare of painting imposed itself on him.
His paintings are exhibited all over the world.: in the United States, Asia, Europe; in galleries, museums and are also present in prestigious private collections throughout the five continents.

Painter of intensity, it is the force that emanates his works which strikes the spectator. You approach, you think you see the portrait of a beautiful woman, but no, you contemplate the soul of a beautiful person.
In another composition you are deeply moved by the grief that emerges from the character, or by his solitude.

Humanity - often the woman - her fragility, her doubts, but also her vital strength, her hopes and her spirituality are at the center of BRUSTIER's painting.
It is Eros who pulls you by the sleeve, but you will see that Thanatos is never far away.

BRUSTIER with its perfectly mastered singular style captivates you by the light of its often impressive dimensions oils.
It is to a journey that you are invited, a journey into your very inner heaven and into your deepest emotions.



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