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Launch of New Indie Record Label With Prestigious Heritage

Press Release: August 12, 2015

Today marks the launch of Super Bear Music, a new indie record label with a prestigious heritage dating back to the 1980s.

London, UK, Aug 11, 2015 – We are proud to announce the official launch of Super Bear Music, a new indie record label catering for the electronic pop market. However, Super Bear is no ordinary new label, because the name brings with it a world-class reputation and prestigious heritage that dates back to the mid-1980s.

Owned and operated by Damon Metrebian, Super Bear Music represents a new beginning for the highly respected Super Bear brand he first steered to success in the recording industry from 1977 to 1986. A British outpost located on the French Riviera, Super Bear Studios quickly became one of the world's most popular residential recording studios, and a preferred destination for the musical elite. Pink Floyd (The Wall), Queen, Elton John, Paul McCartney, The Police and many other top-selling artists, composers and producers recognised Super Bear as a unique environment that inspired outstanding creativity. Damon's aspirations for Super Bear Music are no less ambitious, and the UK based label has already created a nurturing environment for its recording artists. A testament to the Super Bear winning philosophy is the label's first signing, electronic pop group run.off.i.shall. Their emotive debut single "Why I Cry (feat. Kate Wild)" is released this week, with all proceeds from download sales going to UK armed forces charity, Help for Heroes.

Damon, 59, brings the same level of professionalism and youthful enthusiasm to Super Bear Music that, in the past, earned him numerous platinum and gold music industry awards. "We are a small, but dynamic record label that wants to become the No.1 for electronic pop music," Damon calmly announces. "We have a clear vision for the label, but to make a success of any business requires knowhow, commitment, energy and perseverance; and we have bucket loads of that!" Damon goes on to confide, "Creating and managing Super Bear Studios was an incredibly satisfying period of my life. I had this vision of a home-from-home facility, in an idyllic location, that combined just the right amount of technology with a comfortable and truly relaxed environment." He certainly had the right formula, because the facility was fully booked for six months in advance within weeks of opening - and continued to be for many years. "You don't have that kind of success by accident," Damon concludes. "Vision and timing are everything, and the time is right for Super Bear Music!" With a prestigious background like this, who would bet against Damon getting it right for a second time!

What Happened to Super Bear Studios?

In August 1986, the facility was closed for a refit. Fanned by 60 mph winds, flames from a ferocious forest fire spread from nearby vegetation to the building's roof. In less than an hour the unoccupied facility was totally gutted. With an unwilling insurance company failing to meet its commitment, and unable to secure adequate funds to rebuild, Damon and the team disbanded in early 1987. This life changing event and other circumstances steered Damon's career in a new direction, leaving Super Bear Studios to fade into legend.

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