Home Launch of Iconic Wall Papers in New Colors and Fabulous Prints

Launch of Iconic Wall Papers in New Colors and Fabulous Prints

Press Release: August 12, 2016

Exciting times are in store ahead for home decorators, designers and even house owners planning to revamp their homes with finest designs and creative art forms. Wall Art is happy to announce its launch of new wallpaper collections and coverings to meet the distinctive tastes of different clients. We understand the passion of our clients to create a unique and exceptional look for their homes and to achieve this endeavor they would not settle for anything less than the best that the wallpaper industry has to offer. Hence, keeping in mind the heightened craze for latest designs, wall coatings, artistic patterns and different art works, Wall Art brings an extensive array of wallpaper finishes and textured designs.
As a fitting tribute to the rich heritage flooding the Indian art scene and the wallpaper sector, Wall Art has been for so long providing textured and wall paper finishes of the highest quality standards. Designs on these wallpapers are crafted with support from the finest artists, interior decorators, designers, painters, art workers and craftsmen showing best quality workmanship, honestly, reliability and integrity. The extensive support of our team of wonderful artists and cooperation from our clients has only driven us to be better than other competitors and launch fabulous new designs every session.
The upcoming sessions would further see launch of creatively crafted wallpapers, 3d wallpapers for office , kids room in new patterns, prints textures and color finishes by Wall Art. Team of dedicated, professional experts are focusing their energies to come out with an exceptionally brilliant range of customized wallpapers and designer wall finishes catering to the varied needs, tastes and also budget preferred of its discerning customers. Armed with more than 16 years of experience in the wallpaper industry, Wall Art creates wall coverings and designed coatings that are best suited for Indian homes. Our experts have the best knowledge of tools and techniques required to remodel the look of your house or office and give it a lavish feel and appearance with the extensive array of designs to choose from our collection.
Interesting mix of colors and textures of wallpapers, custom wallpaper as created by our experts are much superior in quality than the average local wall coatings offered by competitors. Customers can choose from the wide range of wallpapers, including 3D wallpapers for walls, designer wallpaper, trendy wallpaper, sculpture, gold leaf wallpapers, modern art wallpapers, vaastu-compliant, kitchen, living room, bedroom-specific wallpapers and wall arts to give their homes or offices a brilliant look. The bountiful selection of wallpapers is crafted with the purpose to meet the varied tastes and preferences of clients.
Wall Art has already garnered lot of appreciation from clients all across the nation and it further targets to win greater accolades and add new clients to its customer base with its introduction of new designs and wall finishes. Our experts can also assist clients in choosing the best decorative materials and wallpapers& wallcoverings for sprucing up their homes. We are testing new designs and applications to satiate the increasing demand for bright designs for home improvement. Watch out for more patterns and wallcoverings in the next season!
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