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Launch of an Adult Social Network: SmuttyFy.com – Dirty, Obscene, Pornographic

Press Release: March 28, 2020


Dirty, Obscene, Pornographic


Ultimate Adult Social Network



Lisbon March 2nd, 2020SmuttyFy.com has been soft launched as the Ultimate Adult Social Network. Web based, Smuttyfy comes to the market to fill a void let open by traditional social networks when it comes to Adult subjects.


The name reflects a slung seldomly used “smutty” which implies “Dirty, obscene, pornographic”. Such a powerful description became SmuttyFy.com punch line.


“Our presence online is clearly imprinted with freedom of adult expression within the limits of the law and set for mature audiences. We see sex and erotism as a huge part of adulthood and continuously censured. We want to make it available for consenting adults.” says Smuttyfy CEO Mike Pinto. Moreover, “SmuttyFy presents itself as a mesh up of several Social Networks widely available and the scattered NSFW communities all over the net. Coming together in one place will increase security, confidence and sense of engagement that the Adult user searches when it comes to share their image, their intimacy, their fantasies and their fetishes”.


Although the visible face of Adult content is porn, there are thousands of subjects, adult related, that misinterpreted and not given due relevance. On SmuttyFy, the availability of private groups of a common interest will overcome those difficulties as users will fell much safer and free to express themselves.


“We are quite happy with the possibility of being able to drive change. Change of behaviors and change of zeitgeist.” as Mike Pinto has stated, “And we expect to see a rise of numbers in our community. We understand that this is still a taboo subject but we do not underestimate empowered men and women who see in their sexual expression the thrill and recognition they seek.”


Adult industry – AKA Porn alone – number-wise in the US alone given the latest key figures, has risen from a ground breaking $4 billion US in 2001 to a mind-blowing excess of $100 Billion in less than 20 years. That is a staggering 25x in less than 2 decades. Adding to that all the Adult industry – Sex toys, Big Pharma, Literature, Hollywood with it’s Fifty Shades, etc… – we’ll come close to $500 Billion by the end of 2020. Inside the legal framework of developed countries, that is one of the fastest growing industries of the century.


“Last but not least, bear in mind that we are not porn, we are adult content! There is a world of difference and we intend to ride that difference all the way!” Mike Pinto carried on, “Understanding and giving voice to our adult persona and all its fantasies, fetishes and desires is much more attractive than the material aspect of sex per se



About SmuttyFy.com

SmuttyFy.com was created among a group of friends with common interests and complementary competences. It embraces NSFW content, humor and adulthood at its very core expressing it as naturally as breathing the air surrounding us. For more information, visit SmuttyFy.com or email pr@smuttyfy.com for more detailed information,

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Mike Pinto

Tel: +351914747227

Email: pr@smuttyfy.com

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