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Laughter is a Rewarding Therapy- Give Your Body a Boost Every Day!

Press Release: January 22, 2019

When we laugh we change completely. Our muscles get stretched, our blood pressure &pulse go up, and we start sending more oxygen to our tissues by breathing faster. Perhaps, this is the reason why experts believe that laughter is similar to mild workout. Following are the physical, mental and social advantages offered by laughter:
Physical Health
• Reduces pain
• Boosts immunity
• Muscle relaxation
• Lowers stress levels
• Prevents heart diseases
Mental Health
• Relieves stress
• Improves mood
• Strengthens resilience
• Eases anxiety and tension
Social Life
• Strengthens relationships
• Enhances teamwork
• Helps defuse conflict
• Promotes group bonding
What Happens to Our Body When We Laugh?
Laughter is an antiserum to conflict, pain, stress and overall health of an individual. Also, it’s the best source of bringing back the lost state of mind and balance. Hilarity helps you release anger and foster strong social bonds. Above all, it is a priceless medicine and easy to use. Other advantages that laughter bring along are as follows:
Lowers Blood Pressure
In the year 2017, The Journal of Dental and Medical research conducted a study on 40 patients who were undergoing hemodialysis by offering them CDs of comic shows for listening till eight weeks. And it was observed that the blood pressure of those patients dropped considerably. This is because laughter eases stress and physical tension. It enhances the flow of blood and improves its function in the body.
Improves Cardio Vascular Health
Laughter produces an anti-inflammatory effect on our blood vessels that protects them and heart muscles from the adverse effects of cardiovascular diseases.
Acts as a Pain Reliever
When we laugh, our brain starts releasing endorphins, the tiny neurochemicals that act as a pain reliever, via opioid receptors. Scientifically, more the opioid receptors, more powerful is the effect. The release of endorphins promotes our mood, relaxation, and helps in reducing pain.
Laughter is Equivalent to Anti-depressants
Laughing also triggers neurotransmitter serotonin, a brain chemical that is activated by the most common types of antidepressants, SSRIs. It is a great way to overcome depression and restrain oneself from taking anti-depressants.

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Interesting Facts About Laughter
• Believe it or not, there’s a study of laughter and its effects on the body, termed as ‘Gelotology.’
• Doing full body laughing for around 15 minutes burns up to 40 calories. Also, laughing for at least 15 minutes can augment your lifespan by two days.
• Studies suggest that kids tend to laugh three times more often than adults. And when the comparison was made between males and female counterparts, females won the race.
• Laughter is contagious.
• Jokes start appearing humorous if you know the comedian.
• On an average, adults laugh 15-30 times in a day.
• Our brain controls laughter, hence, you cannot laugh by tickling yourself. Our brain is so smart that it easily predicts the sensation made while tickling.
• Laughter doesn’t promote to ditch exercising. We’ll tell you why. One piece of chocolate contains 50 calories and @rate of 50 calories/hour, to lose 450 grams it will require approx. twelve hours of concentrated laughter.

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