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Latin Rock Cuban Artist, Osamu Releases 5th Studio Album

Press Release: April 13, 2017

On April 14, 2017, El Cerrito Records will release “Mandala,” an album by Cuban Award Winning Latin Rock Artist, Osamu. A release party will follow on April 15, 2017 at 10 pm, at Cubaocho Museum & Performance Arts Center, in Miami, FL.

“Mandala” is Osamu’s fifth studio album as a soloist artist, and it showcases a great diversity: A characteristic of this artist’s repertoire. It includes styles such as: Rock, Reguetón, Reggae, Blues, and other Latin rhythms that makes us dance and think about the island of Cuba. Osamu’s influences range from the idols Guns & Roses, to Osamu’s grandmother, the legendary Jazz/Blues Singer, Barbara Dane, to Osamu’ own father, the popular Pablo Menendez, who has been the Founder and Music Director of the Cuban band Mezcla for several decades.

In “Mandala” all songs are written in Spanish and adorned with an authentic Cuban flavor. When the A&R Representative of El Cerrito Records asked Osamu why he calls his music “Rock son sabor” (Rock with flavor), Osamu stated, “I write rock songs with an American influence because of my American roots, but I also feel very identified with my Cuban roots, therefore I like to add the Cuban flavor to my songs.”

All the songs in “Mandala” are originals and written in collaboration with other excellent Cuban musicians. This album was recorded between Havana, Cuba, and Miami, Florida, mixed by Latin Grammy Award Winning Engineer Aneiro Taño and mastered by also Latin Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Oscar Autie. Osamu also stated, “I am very thankful to all the musicians and professionals who made this album possible. I am lucky to have so many amazing musician colleagues and friends.”

Tony Gonzalez from the prestigious “Made In Metal” rock blog wrote, “Labeled as Latin Rock, this album [Mandala] is a blend of musical genres, and within that blend, there is a lot of Cuban and Caribbean…If we compare these [last] two songs with the previews ones, we can clearly realize that he [Osamu] chose a wide path.”

Radio Hosts and DJs are playing the entire album around the globe: The United States, Cuba, Canada, Hungary, Colombia, Peru, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Russia, Australia, Chile, Belgium, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and France, to name a few.

Digital and Physical copies of Mandala will be available on April 14, 2017 in iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and all the main online stores.

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