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Latest Printing Techniques that Covered all your Business Promotions

Press Release: March 20, 2018

Here is the guide which is about popular and excessively used printing techniques. You might be unfamiliar with some of the printing modes which are mentioned below but simple details of them are written over here. Embossing and debossing, silk lamination, letterpress, varnishing, foil, die cutting and thermography has become quite popular printing mediums.

Embossing and Debossing Printing Medium

Both of these printing techniques give different results. This process revolves around making a metal plate and also a counter. An individual has to mount the plate right on a press and then paper has to be stamped exactly between plate and counter. By putting up force and pressure, impression and a desired image will be created and embossed on that plate. A raised impression will be created on a paper stock. And a depressed impression is created by following a debossing technique. Embossing technique functions in a mechanical process. You can emboss your images either by opting a dry embossing technique or by trying a heat embossing technique.

Silk Lamination Printing Technique

This technique gives a soft as well as silk kind of finishing to your image. Image created by this technique is water resistant and too tear resistant. You can use vibrant colors in this technique.

Letterpress Printing Technique

It is quite an oldest one printing process. In this process, raised letters are inked on a suitable surface. You can use metal plates or carved wood, stone blocks in this specific printing process. Business cards and wedding invitation cards are made by following this process.

Varnish Technique

Understand that in this technique, you will be applying a liquid coating on some printed surface. A clear in form and glossy matte finishing will come in your image. Even this technique gives a satin or it can be neutral finishing to your image. Gloss varnishing gives glossy and a sheen look to images. Then matte varnishing gives a non glossy and too a smooth look to images. If one will use satin varnishing then middle ground finishing touch will come on images. UV varnishing usually produces a striking kind of image.

Foil Printing Technique

Heating process revolves around this printing technique. You will need vector images or you will need some outlines fonts to process this printing method.

Die Cut Printing Technique

In this technique, an individual is going to cut irregularly shaped images on a paperboard and will use dye on them later on. If one wants to carry out raised printing routine then he or she can follow thermography method. This method is similar in its operational way like we have embossing technique. In thermography method, a special in form powder is added in ink. This printed piece is then passed to heating process. This heating will dry out ink and powder.

These are suitable printing techniques which any fresh and beginner business owners can follow in case of promoting, advertising and marketing their brand.

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