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Latest mobile phones 2010 : Amazing features in eye popping handsets

Press Release: April 12, 2010

Mobile phone have become one of the most popular electronic gadget of present day scenario. The popularity of this tool id its necessity as most of the people around the globe running their business on the basis of simply mobile phone. Mobile phones have become the easiest and fastest way of communication. Now people can keep themselves in touch with their loved ones, family members, relatives, friends and colleagues. Within a few clicks you have connected to the people you need to speak. Now-a-days, mobile phones are not just confined for call and text, they have become much more than that as they can be used for emailing, taking pictures, and storing essential data.

Various leading brand are in race to release latest mobile phones 2010 virtually every month or sometimes every week. There was a time when these bulky, featureless tools comes with very high price, but now the scene has completely changed as latest mobile phones have become amazing with all the new technology and available in affordable rates. These powerful gadget s can be used for hassle free Internet surfing, that supports you to chat with your friends and allow you to post your daily activities on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or may be your own blog.

Some of the outstanding handsets of present era are Apple iPhone 3GS which is the updated version of touch screen smart phone from the house of Apple and leading touch screen phone of the world. It is mainly popular for its iPods. Second belong to this category is Palm Pre that is very well designed with beautiful user interface and popular for its brilliant and clear graphics. The best part of it is that it is very comfortable to hold and make calls. The third one is Google Nexus One that is the first product from the Google world. Its eye catchy feature is 3.7 inch screen with high resolution of 480 x 800 pixel.

It sports an expandable memory which is quite user-friendly. Nokia E55 is attractive because of its slim design and effective QWERTY keyboard that make it all the more attractive than any other brand. It is a perfect handsets for those who think themselves to be very social. BlackBerry Bold 9700 is lie at the top range of BlackBerry mobile phones. The handset comes with 3G and Wi-Fi technology to keep you connected with all your needy stuffs.

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