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Press Release: June 01, 2020


BBN is an entertainment platform in Nigeria that provides news, entertainment, and viral content about Big Brother Naija. The news site enjoys massive following in the social divide and has ended up the number one top-ranking big brother naija news site in Nigeria and across the world. Bbn.ng offers complete coverage of Africa's most popular reality tv show "Big Brother Naija". The site boasts of an active team with networks that avail informative news, stories, and pictures for readers to enjoy.

Asked how they keep the website jogging with the trendy content, the chief editor said, "bbn.ng is an all-inclusive platform that gives our readers the precise and latest Big Brother Naija News so they don't miss a thing. Our resilience and innovation professional team make sure that any things that has todo with Big Brother Naija is captured and posted on bbn.ng as soon as they are aired. All our content material comes from sources that are credible, and we make positive that the content material is tested earlier than we put it up for publication.

For big brother Naija latest news and updates online, Bbn.ng is the platform to visit. The internet site maintains on top of all huge Big Brother Naija news content, digging deeper into private lives of the housemate to give its target audience one of a kind story, pictures and videos to verify the content. The research team at Bbn.ng works day and nighttime to lookup content to make positive their audience does not pass over out on what is going on in the big brother Naija house.

Asked what makes bbn stands out, the chief editor continued, "At Bbn.ng, we maintain our contents fresh so that every time our site visitors prefer news from our site, they will constantly discover something new. Besides, our website is properly organized in sections that supply readers choices to pick out what they desire to read. Older posts are archived to be accessed without problems each time our target market wants to refer.


Bbn.ng is Nigerian information and entertainment portal that is committed to engaging its target audience with the cutting-edge news and updates about large brother naija reality tv show in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, US and Uk. BBN enjoys huge following specifically in their social and news segments. Bbn.ng is the quality one platform in Nigeria, They have recognition for well-timed big brother naija news and updates.

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