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Last-mile delivery infrastructure player Orkestro partners with Pledge to take climate action on the impact of their deliveries

Press Release: December 20, 2021

Orkestro, the last-mile delivery infrastructure platform, today announced a partnership with Pledge, the carbon measurement and removal API, to offer a new service that gives Okrestro’s customers the ability to measure and offset the footprint of their deliveries through Orkestro’s last-mile delivery management platform.

With consumers increasingly aware and concerned about their impact on the environment, there’s a growing demand for logistics providers to offer climate-conscious delivery options and greater transparency over their operational footprint. Traditional carbon measurement and offsetting solutions are costly and lack the agility to integrate into the network of brands and fleet partners that Orkestro powers. With one integration through Orkestro’s partnership with Pledge, hundreds of brands can programmatically access the best courier services alongside climate-conscious deliveries. 

The integration will allow Orkestro’s customers to measure and offset their deliveries with climate contributions going towards both nature-based solutions as well as engineered removals. Companies will gain access to detailed analytics and insights provided by Pledge as well as recommendations on how to reduce their emissions over time. Calculations follow globally recognized and trusted standards, including the GHG protocol and adhere to ISO standards. 

The footprint measurement services provided by Pledge are paired with a marketplace of verified carbon offsetting solutions that allow companies to purchase down to a fraction of a carbon credit and access a basket of carbon offsetting projects as part of portfolios.

“Understanding operational footprint and taking climate action is an ever-important issue in the logistics industry, notably amidst the boom in e-commerce over the past 24 months. As a last-mile delivery infrastructure provider, we’re seeing first-hand how brands and fleet partners, driven by consumer demand, increasingly want their deliveries to be sustainable” said Edoardo Del Bino, Founder and CEO of Orkestro. 

“At Orkestro, we’ve always cared deeply about minimising waste and optimising efficiency to limit the environmental impact of deliveries and we wanted to do more. Through our partnership with Pledge, we not only wanted to give customers data around the carbon footprint of every delivery, but we also wanted to go a step further and offer simple solutions to enable our customers and partners to take climate action. Brands will receive insights on how to reduce emissions and access to a high-quality carbon marketplace to offset unavoidable emissions. Ultimately, we want to help brands become more climate aware and help them accelerate their transition to carbon-neutral deliveries.”

David de Picciotto, Co-founder and CEO of Pledge said, “We’re excited to provide hundreds of brands with visibility on the footprint of their shipments and enable seamless climate action through Pledge’s carbon offsetting marketplace. This will benefit both businesses and their clients looking to make climate-conscious purchasing decisions.”

About Orkestro  
Orkestro is creating the network that facilitates the exchange and trade of last-mile delivery services. Layer by layer, we're building up the infrastructure that brings transparency and automation to the delivery market, from validating transactions to optimising performances and delivering a seamless customer experience.
Ultimately, we want to see a world where deliveries are orchestrated to minimise waste and optimise efficiency - turning our streets greener whilst allowing local commerce to flourish.

For more information visit https://orkestro.com

About Pledge:
Pledge makes it simple for businesses to understand and manage the climate impact of their services. By providing tools and infrastructure, Pledge automates the delivery of climate solutions - such as footprint measurement, reduction and offsetting - into customer journeys. Pledge was founded in 2021 by early employees of Revolut and the co-founder of Freetrade. 

For more information visit https://www.pledge.io

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