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Lash Perfect Training Academy Launches Remote Online Courses

Press Release: June 05, 2020

In the current climate, with extensive lockdown restrictions in place across the country, companies are being forced to think outside the box when it comes to ways to keep providing their service. For Lash Perfect Training Academy, this has led to innovative and pioneering thinking, and the creation of new remote online training courses. 

What kind of training is being offered? 

The Remote Education Programme is designed to help participants perfect their skills to carry out a range of lash and brow treatments. The six courses being offered online are: 

  • Classic Eyelash Extension (individual lashes) 
  • Russian Eyelash Extension (volume, multi-lash) 
  • Lash Lift  
  • Hi Brow Lamination 
  • Express Eyelash Extensions 
  • Hi Brow Classic 

All the courses offer the same theory and practical elements as they would in person. They include health and safety, hygiene, customer consultation, product knowledge, application techniques and treatment procedure. 

How can Lash Perfect offer high-quality training remotely? 

The sessions are led by an expert trainer who covers everything in a live class, and trainers are on hand to give any necessary feedback. Participants also have access to supporting visual aids including photos and videos, for extra assistance. When it’s safe to do so, each course will end with a final training and assessment day at one of Lash Perfect’s venues. 

“We include practice mannequins in the training kit, which means trainees don’t need anyone at home to practice on. They can simply photograph their own work so that the experts can track their progress, says Beverley Piper, Found & Director 

Is it possible to substitute hands-on learning with remote learning? 

While many may argue that remote learning cannot replace the hands-on experience, Lash Perfect are finding ways to ensure that participants have access to the same high standard of learning. To compensate for the lack of face-to-face and hands-on practice, Lash Perfect offer additional materials; 

“We offer an extensive bank of videos and training resources, so it’s very easy to see the treatments broken down step by step. We also provide a mannequin head to practice on, and 20 sets of eyelashes, so each trainee can gain a wealth of experience with the assistance of their trainer. Trainers provide feedback throughout, explains Beverly. 

While so many people find themselves with more time on their hands and fewer distractions during the lockdown, remote learning can be an excellent option. Such courses allow individuals to hone new skills which can increase or supplement their earning potential. Whether participants are already beauty therapists, or others who are seeking a new source of income, remote learning courses like those offered by Lash Perfect are an ideal use of time during lockdown.  

If there are any issues that haven’t been ironed out during the remote training course, these can be addressed at the final face-to-face assessment. This will occur after the course, as soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted. The trainer will give each trainee a final assessment at this time, to ensure they are fully competent. 

How has the response been so far? 

Since they began offering the six courses online, Lash Perfect has seen participants enjoy great success; 

“Those taking part include many of our existing clients who have chosen to learn a new skill during this time. Plus, we have had people who were previously not working in the beauty industry who are making the most of having time to add to their skillset. All trainees have picked up the treatments really well, and have given us some excellent feedback”, says Beverly. 

Will the course be available in the future? 

As the effects of the coronavirus outbreak continue to be felt among businesses of all kinds, a large proportion have been forced to think outside the box and find new ways to operate. For Lash Perfect, this has involved the creation of these online courses. In so doing, the company has discovered that they can now train people who may not have otherwise had access to the course, due to being based far from the course locations.   

It’s because of this that, while these remote courses will be especially useful now, they will continue to be offered in the future also. For those who prefer to train hands-on, however, Lash Perfect will be offering their in-person training again as soon as they are able. 

What does the coronavirus outbreak mean for the beauty industry? 

As the birth of these remote online courses indicates, companies in the beauty industry like Lash Perfect have had to become more dynamic, flexible businesses. While measures such as these started as a needs-must solution, their success has proven the importance of such innovative thinking.  


In addition to finding new ways to adapt according to their customer’s needs, the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated other requirements in the industry. As a naturally hands-on sector, those working in the beauty industry must learn an important lesson from the outbreak; 


“Hygiene should always be a top priority, and social distancing should be maintained as much as possible immediately after the lift of lockdown rules”, remarks Beverly. 


Here is what one of our happy customers has to say: 

"Training content and guide were so detailed. I am so impressed with the quality of the kit and the trainer was amazingly helpful during the live webinar. Lash Perfect have kept in touch and the communication has been fantastic." 


Lash Perfect’s remote training courses start from £199 including VAT and include: 


  • Accredited Training in a webinar  
  • Face-to-face Assessment (when safe to attend)  
  • Training Essentials Kit with all the tools and products needed for your training, case studies and treatments afterwards 

To find out more, contact the Lash Perfect Training Team on 0208 500 9028 or by emailing remotetraining@edc-ltd.uk. 

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