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Laser Eye patients choose surgery as stressbuster

Press Release: February 08, 2010

Laser eye surgery is rapidly becoming a lifestyle choice, made in reaction to the pressures of modern living, according to a recent study.

In the 1990s patients regarded the procedure as something of a leap of faith: mysterious, often frightening and not far removed from images of a deadly James Bond-style laser beam advancing threateningly on the hapless victim. By contrast, according to the results of a 2009 customer survey carried out by laser eye surgery specialist Optimax, it is nowadays seen in a much more comforting light as a logical reaction to modern lifestyle pressures. For example, the survey found that many patients saw it as a help in balancing jobs and family life, working longer hours and taking a greater interest in personal fitness. The trend towards laser eye surgery was also found to be driven by an ever widening interest in looking more youthful.

As the UKs leading chain of specialist laser eye surgery clinics, Optimax is itself one of the reasons for this change in perceptions, with its highly advanced procedures that last around15 minutes and generally see the patient returning to normal activities the same day. Indeed, such is the confidence and approval of its patients that Optimax is inviting them to tell the world (and future customers) what the procedure has meant to them, in the latest overhaul of its website at www.optimax.co.uk .

The new website a collaboration between the laser eye surgery specialist and award-winning creative agency GRDD is based around lifestyle.

Simon Yuen, of GRDD, says: Our task was to create a more engaging, lifestyle look without making light of the treatment. To make it about people and the benefits they enjoy. We were also required to use real Optimax patients not the models and stock library images that are so common on competitor sites and to give site users genuine and transparent access to real patients own experiences.

The result is a homepage containing video testimonials and photographs from real patients. And visitors to the site can now join in a dialogue via the Instant Answers section, where questions are answered by a dedicated team of advisors. More than 6,500 typical (and not-so-typical) questions and answers are available through this channel, providing a wealth of information for those considering laser eye surgery.

Optimax founder, Russell Ambrose, was also its first-ever patient. An online interview with Ambrose gives an introduction to laser eye surgery and addressing many common concerns.

Visitors can also use the Online Suitability Checker and then book a free consultation via the site, making the route to surgery easier than ever before. And interactive maps make it simple to find each of the clinics 23 locations.

And by following the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube icons, visitors can receive the latest news and updates from Optimax, with fans of the Optimax Facebook page gaining access to special offers and video testimonials.

Notes for editors

Founded in 1991, Optimax is a laser eye treatment specialist with 23 clinics nationwide.

It is the only specialist UK laser eye surgery clinic chain, with expertise gained from around 300,000 treatments. Its recent GBP £5m investment in the latest technology means that more people than ever are achieving 20:20 vision.

For further information, please contact:
James Seton, marketing and communications,
Tel: 020 7317 8639
Email: james.seton@optimax.co.uk

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

James SetonJames Seton

Tel: 0207 317 86390207 317 8639

Email: james.seton@optimax.co.ukjames.seton@optimax.co.uk

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