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Largest Privately Owned Physical Therapy Practice in NJ - Ingenious Medical Safe Zone to Receive Care

Press Release: December 03, 2020

Riverdale, NJ: Leading the physical therapy industry with groundbreaking initiatives and consistently gutsy, innovative leadership, The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy has provided trustworthy care to our community for almost 20 years. With four state of the art clinics, this practice has remained open during the Health Crisis that has plagued so many of us by creating a “Medical Safe Zone” where your health is protected.  


With the surge in cases, the Doctors and Support Staff of this practice continue to exceed CDC safety protocols by including social distancing, wearing the most advanced technology nano-fiber face-masks, and weekly team member antibody testing. Patients are even provided complimentary PPE. By constantly using and implementing a multi-layer approach, they have installed three types of hospital-grade UV-C lighting and hospital-grade air filtration. The UVC systems denature and inactivate viral proteins. The air filtration captures and kills aerosolized coronavirus particles, bacteria, and other microbes. Additionally, all clinics use a Coronavirus-specific disinfectant to spray air ducts, clean frequently touched surfaces, and sanitize each treatment station in between patients. 

Located in Montville, Paramus, Riverdale, and Wayne, NJ, the 4 clinics comprise the largest privately-owned physical therapy organization in New Jersey. Private ownership translates to patient-focused care, utilizing cutting-edge scientific-based evidence methods, by Doctors of Physical Therapy who are board-certified (nationally, less than 1% of Doctors of Physical Therapy are dual Board Certified). 


Seeing far fewer patients per hour than other practices, each patient has a full hour one-on-one appointment with their Doctor of Physical Therapy. “We understand the needs of our community, our team members, and I can build life-long relationships with all of my patients. I would only work for this organization because we create a comfortable, compassionate environment that patients want to return to. We ensure that each patient feels at home,” says Dr. Michael Klejmont, Clinical Manager and Vice President. The mix of evidenced-based treatment techniques and devoted personal care distinguishes this practice as the standard for healthcare.

Today, it is unusual to find a privately-owned physical therapy practice. Most are owned by other medical professionals without physical therapy expertise, corporations driven by profit-margins, or investment groups that are not emotionally connected to the rehabilitation recovery process.  Four of the largest corporate physical therapy chains in NJ (totaling 250 offices) are owned and operated through hedge funds.   


“Being with The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy allows me to see the same patient from their initial evaluation to discharge. I am constantly feeling inspired by a team of exceptionally proficient clinicians. My care is driven by my patients’ needs, not regulated by a corporate treatment matrix or limited by insurance companies,” explains Dr. Jason de la Bruyere, Clinical Manager and Vice President.

You can learn more about The New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy and their partner locations Paramus Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Wayne Orthopedic Physical Therapy, and Montville Orthopedic Physical Therapy on their website: https://www.njcpt.com/. 



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