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Press Release: October 03, 2015

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Land Rover has emerged as one of the premium car brands. To begin with, it was primarily used for military purposes in the countries like England, America and Australia. Land Rover is a British company. Post second world war, LR was released in the market for commercial use and within a couple of years, it turned out to be one of the major brands in the motor vehicle industry. Ever since it was launched for commercial purposes, the company has been launching new models on a regular basis. It was in the year 1948, the first ever LR model was introduced into the market. However, it took some amount of time for the company to gain the position which it has. In the year 1978, Land Rover got the recognition which it deserved for a long time.
Later on, Rover was taken over by British Leyland Motor Corporation. Later, in the year 1967, it was further taken over by Leyland Motor Corporation.
In the last couple of decades, LR has achieved tremendous success; both in terms of popularity and financial gains. In the 1970s, the company started its promotional campaign, which was accompanied by quality Land Rover cars. After the acquisition of Rover, British Layland broke up. BMW won the Rover group in 1994. In the year 2000, BMW sold Rover to Ford Motors. It was during this time when the Rovers and LR groups collaborated for the first time. In 2008, another major switch over took place when Tata Motors, an Indian company purchased LR from Ford Motors along with Jaguar.
Most of the LR engines were designed and developed by Ford Motors up to 2012. According to the terms of the acquisition, Tata Motors will be able to buy the engines from Ford till 2019. In the year 2011, Tata Motors declared that they will be setting up their own facility to manufacture the Land Rover engines. They are investing $559 million to set up this facility in England. Tata Motors has announced that they will be manufacturing 4 cylinder engines. In case of a new LR car, one can expect very smooth and efficient operation. However, with time, as the engine and the internal parts goes through a lot of wearing and tears, it will start showing signs of trouble. Land Rover parts are available these days and repairing works are also being done; however, when it comes to the costly Land Rover models, this is not enough. Premium land Rover models need original parts and special care. The good news is, these days; original Land Rover parts are available in automotive shops.
Today, Land Rover is considered to be one of the premium brands when it comes to cars. As the demand for the car has increased over the last couple of years, the parts for Land Rover are becoming easily available. However, there is one aspect which one must keep in mind while purchasing any Land Rover parts. That is the originality aspect. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for the best and premium shops to buy Land Rover Parts.
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