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Lancashire Shop Fronts - One stop solution for your Curtain Walling Systems

Press Release: July 05, 2020

No wonder, facade represents the identity of any organization. So, this needs to be nothing less than perfect. These days the extra layer of protection is preferred for all the business premises. Such kind of additions to the frames of the building appears nice and protect like a seamless glass. This outer non-structural covering of the shop fronts and workplaces is known as a curtain wall system. This system is comprised of large units, which are assembled and installed on the facade of the building with the help of cranes. Curtain walls provide control over thermal expansion, movements, heat, cooling, lighting, and water diversion to the workspace. Are you willing to get these innovative curtain wall installation done in your office building? Let's discuss in detail before you make this move. After that, we would like to recommend Lancashire Shop Fronts as a top name to go ahead with such a useful installation for your business.

Benefits of Curtain Wall installation

  • Water diversion or watertight - When its heavily raining outside, your office is going to be safe from rain water effective curtain walling.
  • Energy-saving - It is one of the best tools to facilitate temperature regulation inside the buildings and you can save a lot on the energy bills.
  • Light in weight - This installation is going to add any further weight to your multi-story building or small store. Rather, it makes the structure, even stronger and secure than ever.
  • Airtight - Not just the water is prohibited to enter, but the same is the case with air. Curtain walling act as an insulator and buffer. In short, it is going to protect the building properly.
  • Fire escape - The chances of fire spread reduces with such equipment acting as a barrier.
  • Great aesthetical appearance - Not just it is efficient but looks really attractive from outside. The curtain wall gives an instant unique, sophisticated, and clean outlook to the existing building design. 

All in all, these are better, cost-effective, fast, and efficient shields for the stores and office spaces.

Types of Curtain Wall Glazing

There are two types of modern technology- Unitized or modular systems and Stick built systems. In Unitized or modular systems, the components are transported to the site where it is to be installed after getting assembled in the factory. Whereas, components are assembled at the installation site in the stick-built systems. From the labor point of view, Unitized systems need less effort, but according to the transportation aspect, stick-built systems win. So, both the systems have their own importance and need for effort. For instance- Stick-built systems are suitable for the buildings with low height and flat surfaces.

How Lancashire Shop Fronts can assist you?

This company has highly efficient professionals who are dedicated to never leave any stone unturned for customer satisfaction. From providing you the most suitable product to sufficient installation- everything is taken care of, by these experts. They have attained an edge in the domain with years of experience and a strong customer base. Whether it is curtain wall glazing or shop fronts - you will be receiving the services pro-fitters who are going to give surety of long-lasting installation safety and great customer service (in case any problem occurs). So, get ready to make the most of this innovative and modern way of protecting your business premises with Lancashire Shop Fronts. This allows your office or store to have the utmost safety and beautiful outlook at the same time.

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