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Press Release: April 08, 2010

Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier first created a polo t shirt for a tennis match in 1933, as this polo t shirt was a revolutionary creation the production and demand for them soon snowballed, helping to create what Lacoste is today. As the brand has grown so has the production range, with Lacoste available in varying boutiques today. This variation moves between clothing, footwear, aftershave and bodycare, watches, eyewear and even leather goods.

This diversity helps the brand to spread it's range and offer Lacoste goods to a wide market. Mainline Menswear are proud to stock the entire clothing range and the equally impressive collection of footwear including trainers, shoes and flip flops. With Lacoste also producing watches, sunglasses and aftershaves the range at Mainline Menswear is set to grow bigger and bigger each season.

Don't miss out on this fantastic brand, as it is ever changing, with four huge delivery windows a year for footwear and clothing you will very rarely see the same thing twice!

Remember - Mainline Menswear are Trend Setters... Not Followers!!!

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