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La Vacanza Travel’s Portal Gives a Whole New Experience to Travellers

Press Release: February 23, 2016

In business world, it is not recommended to be static as it will avoid the business to grow and to be fully improved as well as being adapted to the current trend and market expectations. In that case, businesses are required to always improve their service and products regularly to keep them on the go. New improvements and enhancements are also always being made by the expert team of Lavacanza.in tirelessly to improve visitors’ experience as they explored the site. The recent improvement the team had made to their website is including adding new sections that hopefully will bring new excitements to enjoy. And these new sections are “Sightseeing & Activities” and “Hotel Booking”.

The new “Sightseeing & Activities” section is designed to provide information and reference to various attractions and fun activities travellers can enjoy while they’re on certain places. Here they will be able to learn various great things a destination has to offer as well as also kind of stuffs they can do while in the area, especially the things they can’t do it anywhere else.

“Visitors can read description, book online from a choice of over 30,000
‘Sightseeing and Activities’ in 130 countries worldwide” said Manager

By exploring this section page, one will be able to find more reasons why they should go visiting these destinations in the first place. Also this could be a great opportunity for each destination to promote their place by contributing to the website and provide full information about theirs on the available space.

In other hand, another new section newly added Lavacanza.in to keep visitors well informed about their next vacation and it is called “Hotel Booking”. Just as the name is, this new section is specifically designed to help people in processing hotel booking and reservation via online. There visitors can book online from over a choice of more than 300,000 hotels in 29,000 locations worldwide.

Currently the site has enlisted hundreds hotels and travel accommodations located in various great destinations around the world. As people find some interesting places to visit in the future, they will be able to also book and reserve rooms for their arrival right away without even leaving the site.

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