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Kumulos launches API Endpoint Monitoring

Press Release: July 04, 2019

Kumulos, the world’s leading mobile app performance management platform, has further strengthened its dominance of the fast growing Mobile APM market by adding multi-location API endpoint monitoring to its crash reporting feature.

Kumulos provides mobile app developers with the world’s most advanced mobile app performance management platform. It’s the only fully integrated platform that manages the technical and commercial performance of mobile apps. All from a single pane of glass.

Kumulos API endpoint monitoring checks the status of any internet accessible end-point such as the many API endpoints that every serious mobile app relies on to work properly. It checks every 5 minutes 24/7, 365 days a year from 5 geographic locations around the world, to make sure the service is up, responsive and most importantly delivering the JSON payload that the mobile app is expecting.

Bob Lawson, Founder and Director, Kumulos, says,
“For many apps this is the missing piece of the performance jigsaw. Extensive research carried out by Kumulos before the feature launch showed that, for apps more than 6 months old, up to 68% of issues affecting the performance of a mobile app were caused by problems with API services the app relies on. Often these services were not in the control of the mobile app development team, being provided for them by corporate IT functions, yet often the app developer is on the hook for the overall app performance. Now, with Kumulos API endpoint monitoring they can easily see where problems lie and often head them off before any app users are impacted.”

The Kumulos APM platform comes with a comprehensive range of services covering the entire life cycle of the app. Its 5 integrated services include app store optimization, Mobile Backend as a Service, analytics & reporting, backend hosting, crash reporting & endpoint monitoring and its award winning push notifications service. It provides a management console that delivers comprehensive visibility on how the app is performing technically and commercially, and the features, such as push notifications and app store optimization to deliver better results from the app.

By adding API endpoint monitoring to the Kumulos AMP platform you can get visibility of any API without touching the app code. This allows developers before they have started to build an app to assess the stability of the endpoint, so they know where problems may be lurking

About Kumulos
Kumulos is the most comprehensive mobile app performance management platform for mobile app agencies with Push Notifications, App Store Optimization, App Analytics, Crash Reporting & Diagnostics, Document Sharing & Collaboration, Content Editing, all in one place. But that’s not all. It comes with a number of unique, turn-key features, custom built to help busy mobile app agencies offer awesome services to their clients. Kumulos’ secure, easy to use mobile app management platform is trusted by thousands of app developers in 25 countries across 7 continents with millions of connected devices managing billions of API calls & push messages a month.

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