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KrisisDnB on Facebook - Important changes to how we keep you informed

Press Release: April 19, 2010

Due to both neccesity and also from requests we have had from supporters of the station, we have changed the way KRISISDnB is presented on Facebook.

Firstly the neccessity bit.... We were fast running out of the number of friends a single logon can have on Facebook. We are currently on just over 4000 friends with a maximum of 5000 allowed, therefore to save a mad rush later on we have created a second logon to enable us to keep accepting friend requests.

This then gave us the idea of adjusting how we utilise Facebook. We are aware that some people like the show updates our DJs send out from the current KRISISDnB facebook group, but we have also had the odd comment from people saying there inbox was being filled up for shows they werent around to hear.

People wanted to stay in touch with the site and station, but maybe not quite as regularly as we were pushing on them. The new group will solve that problem. It will only be used as a messaging service for important site updates, releases on KrisisDnB Recordings, free downloads, or updates to the merchandise shop.

So in short, the new details are :


Friend page : www.facebook.com/krisis.dnb
Group page : http://groups.to/krisisdnb-radio-updates


Friend page : www.facebook.com/krisisdnb.label
Group page : http://groups.to/krisisdnb-site-label

We hope you continue following KRISISDnB via Facebook, and this now gives you more choice in the updates you receive from us by simply joining the best suited group for your needs


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