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Press Release: July 09, 2019

TV and Radio Star Kris Kourtis Launches a worldwide radio show called (Kris Kourtis Today)
The talks about entertainment, health, spirituality, and way more.
Kris Kourtis Today can be found on all media platforms, such iTunes, Google podcasts, iheartradio, and so on.

When it comes to entertainment and nutrition Kris is your source. He has a degree in broadcasting and nutrition.

This year Kris released 4 audiobooks:
1.Life is a Game.
2.Change your life Today.
3. The Magical Key.
4.Powerful Miracle Affirmations.
They can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes.

They can be heard free on YouTube.

Kris is very happy about his new talk show,
(Kris Kourtis Today).

In a recent press conference in Germany Kris said:
"I am ecstatic about my new show, Kris Kourtis Today. In this show you will get more spiritual, you will get your Hollywood fix, and you will lose weight."

He then went on to say that this show is very eclectic and you could never get bored.

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