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Kris Kourtis to release new single.

Press Release: December 24, 2020

Kris Kourtis to release new single.
Kris Kourtis's smash hit song (Together)
That was released back in 2012 and was a huge success. Now Kris is releasing song called Hollywood Megamix.
Kris sat down with reporter Laura Perkins to talk about music and life.
"Laura: Hi Kris.
Kris: hi.
Laura: so tell me about this new song?
Kris: it's a remix of 3 songs that I have made.
Laura: You said on TV that you won't be doing music anymore what made you change your mind?
Kris: it's not really new music but a mixture of 3 songs mixed together.
Laura: why don't you have any social media accounts?
Kris: it's not really for me.
Laura: who are your music influences?
Kris: Mariah Carey, Boyz 2 men, and Whitney Houston.
Laura: before losing your voice is it true you had 4 octaves?
Kris: Yes that's right.
Laura: Do you still smoke?
Kris: heavily.
Laura: I have some twitter fan questions.
Laura: what's your favorite color?
Kris: purple
Laura: what is your diet like?
Kris: I am very disciplined with what I eat.
I eat mostly veggies and fish and sometimes fruits.
Laura: what is your favorite magazine?
Kris: People magazine.
Laura: what do you hate the most?
Kris: waiting in line."
Kris is set to start a new reality show after Covid-19 called Kris Kourtis Raw.

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