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Kris Kourtis to Launch a Fragrance Line

Press Release: January 05, 2021

Kris Kourtis to Open a Fragrance Line in 2023.

Kris Kourtis is set to open a new fragrance line in 2023.

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Kris Kourtis will be launching his own perfume line in late December 2023.
Kris has always had a dream to make perfumes. Kris actually creates them unlike other celebrities that just slap their name on a perfume bottle.
Kris announced in a press conference yesterday.

" Thanks all for being here.
I have always wanted to make perfumes from essential oils.
I think I'm very gifted in making perfumes and really wanted to do this for a very long time.
At the moment I'm still looking for a lab that can collaborate with me.
Every fragrance will be unique and I want to make them all unisex.
I love orange blossom and patchouli a lot and they will be used in my perfumes.
I strive to make every perfume different and unique.
I want all the major stores to sell my perfumes. I named it KK Creations.
I'm very excited and serious about this. If you are a company that wants to collaborate with me email us at xiive@aol.com
Thank you all so much."

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