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Kris Kourtis On Air a new show to be distributed

Press Release: December 11, 2020

Talk show host and TV commentator Kris Kourtis revealed on Vibe FM that he is releasing all his radio shows worldwide.
Kris Kourtis On Air is the new show.
The show is all about lifestyle, music, entertainment, and spirituality.
Kris is doing a Christmas special on all digital platforms. He has been waiting long enough to interview celebrities that made Christmas albums this year.
Kris's manager and spokesperson Stella Morgan announced to the media " Kris is very happy with his new show and is now looking to collaborate with other DJs.
Unfortunately Kris won't be releasing his new fragrance line this year due to the Corona virus. And due to antidepressants and anxiety medications Kris is no longer a size zero model. So he won't be pursuing fashion for the moment until he loses weight again. His dream of working with Victoria Beckham and Donatella Versace won't be happening because he is very upset with his weight gain and mental breakdown but not worry he be back on top again in no time."

Kris Kourtis couldn't go to Canada for his sister's Clio giving birth to her 3rd daughter Gracie because of his depression.
At the moment Kris lives in Lebanon.
He absolutely loves Lebanon and the people. He purchased a house in Beirut, Lebanon and is very happy there.




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