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Kris Kourtis News. Kris Kourtis quits The internet

Press Release: February 21, 2021

Kris Kourtis News. Kris quits the internet.

Kris Kourtis has decided to quit the internet and live a simple life.
With all the wealth that he has he chooses to do good with it.
Kris has stopped using the internet for a number of reasons, like peace of mind, and tranquility. He is now moving to Fashion and TV.

Kris has had had enough of internet radio.
He is highly sensitive to criticism on the internet wether youtube or online radio comments.

Kris is now moving on to fashion and television and leaving the internet behind.

He has no social media all accounts are fake.

He has done an audiobook called Memoires of a Fallen Star coming out soon on youtube.

After 7 years of internet radio Kris is exhausted and tired.

After inheriting $7 Billions Dollars From his grandfather who was in Greek shipping he is now taking vacations.

Kris Kourtis is the richest DJ in the world by far.

Kris is now investing in real estate to grow his money.

He has become the most famous Talk show host on the internet.

The 5 online radio stations that Kris owns were shut down by Kris.

Now Kris Kourtis can not live a normal life. He has extremely high security at all times and can't even go to the supermarket. Everything is catered for him.

His house and cars are bullet proof. They have beefed up his security to the maximum. Kris says that he feels like he is a prisoner in his own house. He has 8 bodyguards, 3 cooks and 5 maids.

Kris just purchased a big estate in Greece.

Kris Kourtis being the richest Hollywood Celebrity is choosing to do good with his money and donating money to several NGOs.

He is a big PETA Advocate and wants to be a UN ambassadeur.

In Memoires of a Fallen Star Kris reveals almost everything about his life.

He is planning to do a documentary about his life on Hulu or HBO. This is still not confirmed.

In 2022 Kris will be launching his own Fragrance Line.

The fragrance line will all be unisex perfumes.

He has already crafted a perfume called Eternal. It contains: orange blossom, patchouli, vanilla, Sandalwood, and musk.

Each fragrance will be different but they all will have orange blossom in them.

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