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Kris Kourtis launched Kris Kourtis Magazine

Press Release: August 15, 2020

On August 1st , Kris Kourtis launched a free non profit magazine dedicated to Human and Animal Rights.
There are also entertainment, Health, and spirituality articles.
As this is a nonprofit organisation we do not take money. Our mission is to spread awareness for let's say a topic about poverty. All we want is for you to spread the word.


Kris Kourtis is very pleased about this new accomplishment.
In an interview podcast with Mary L.
Kris said this...
" I'm beyond happy with the magazine. There are plenty things to come, I guarantee you by the end of the year everyone will read the magazine.
This was a last minute decision and I go with my gut. I follow my inner voice."

Until now the magazine is only in the
English language, we are working on more languages.


Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Ed Burns

Email: kriskourtismagazine@gmail.com

Visit the newsroom of: Stella Morgan

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