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Kris Kourtis at number 1

Press Release: July 29, 2020

Kris Kourtis at number 1 for his 2 New techno music hits.

Last night Kris Kourtis was awarded a small golden cup an award at a private function.
The 2 songs were So high, and Boy Toy.
Kris was dressed all in white.
The music was theft of course as they always do.

This did not anger Kris because he is used to how show business works.
When people started drinking too much,
Kris left.
He put his award in one of the living rooms.
Kris when leaving the house this morning cut his hand on a metal door and was quickly rushed to hospital.
Some stitches were needed.
After some tests he was free to go home.
So we all took him to Starbucks for his favourite almond latte and short bread.

So High: https://vimeo.com/442591935
Boy Toy: https://vimeo.com/442589734
Game Change: https://vimeo.com/442590988

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